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Friday, September 4, 2009

Lunch at The Hill

Wes and I are on a mini staycation and enjoying stellar late-summer weather. We decided to take advantage with a cafe lunch at The Hill.

I mentioned The Hill in my last post - despite a few ownership and name changes over the years, it remains a neighborhood institution. Small, but stately, fancy yet informal, trendy and traditional, it covers a lot of bases.

We started with a cup of their signature tomato bisque. Velvety, tart, flavorful, and not too heavy for a summer day. 

Next, we shared their open-faced tenderloin steak sandwich topped with melted Maytag bleu cheese. The rich, medium rare steak tops crispy white toast points, and the creamy, tangy bleu adds contrast and balance all at once. A glass of Echelon pinot noir was the perfect pairing to our lovely outdoor lunch. 

Lunching out on a day off is a glorious way to spend the time, and I encourage you to give it a try if it's not already part of your vacation repertoire. What are your favorite lunch spots?


  1. 'Lunch at the Hill' and a GM Speechwriter!


  2. Wish I was on a staycation with you guys. You're probably fine without me.

    Anyway, my favourite lunch spot in Windsor, ON, is Taloola Cafe. There's always a veggie soup on tap and a delicious sandwich of the day. If the sandwich of the day isn't my bag, I usually go for the Chickpea Roti. mmm!

    In Detroit, I go to Presto's everyday. You know that. I'm sure there are better places, but not in my building.

    See you soon!