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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chicken Tortellini

Work+kids+house+gym+yardwork+social life=not a lot of time for cooking these days. Sound familiar to you?

When this happens to me, I often to turn to pasta. It always delivers. Plus, I'm Italian, and pasta is close to my heart (as in, I could eat it at every meal).

I've mostly switched to whole wheat or brown rice pasta, but still enjoy a nice bowl of tortellini now and again. This time, I chose fresh chicken tortellini and paired it with shallots, garlic, prosciutto, baby spinach and white wine.

My secret: instead of boiling the pasta, I put the uncooked tortellini in a bowl of steaming hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, I saute the shallots and garlic in olive oil, salt and pepper until soft, drain the tortellini and add it to the hot pan. Cook, stirring often, until the tortellini is lightly browned and hot. Then, add chopped prosciutto, the baby spinach and a big splash of decent white wine. Let it all simmer together until the wine reduces, serve and add freshly grated parmesan. The pasta will taste al dente-ish, and you'll save a few minutes and some extra clean-up.

Chicken tortellini with prosciutto and spinach is a complete meal in a bowl, in minutes, and you can feel good about serving it to just about anyone.


  1. Wow, I must try this one. I like not boiling the pasta. :-) It's me, Caney.

  2. what a great idea re: not boiling the pasta!

  3. Maria,

    I wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog post about GM (that my grandfather sent). I really meant everything I said. I am excited to read about the New GM, in fact I am watching the 20/20 on it right now.

    GM has always been there for my family, and I will always be there for them in return.
    Thanks again!

    Oh and I LOVE foodie blogs, your recipes look GREAT! I am going to have to try some!


  4. Amanda, thanks on all counts! I meant everything I said, too, and we're all grateful for the support and appreciate the second chance.
    : )

    Caney, so glad to see you posting here!

    Mardi, hope your travels are going well.

    Re: the pasta. For my taste, not boiling it works well, as long as I cook the tortellini in the pan for at least 8 minutes or so over medium. That way it doesn't taste raw. Probably should've mention that in the post, yes?